X-Men Unlimited: Bei of Arakko Stars in New 3-Part Story Arc

Marvel Comics has revealed an official preview for the 118th issue of its Marvel Unlimited-exclusive Infinity Comics series X-Men Unlimited.

The newly released X-Men Unlimited #118 kicks off the three-part “Red Winter Sun” story arc by Steve FoxeSteve Orlando, Phillip Sevy, and Ceci de la Cruz. The arc centers on the Arakkii mutant known as Bei the Blood Moon, who returns to Krakoa to perform a ritual combat.

Marvel further explains, “When Bei the Blood Moon turns to memories of Genesis and the battle on Arakko, the warrior of solitude will need to embrace change and friendship with Krakoa’s remaining mutants to take on the ‘Blood Hunt,’ a trial celebrated by the Arakkii to honor victories and losses past.”

Check out the official preview for X-Men Unlimited #118 below:

An official synopsis for X-Men Unlimited #118 reads as follows: “While the holiday season falls upon what’s left of Krakoa’s mutants, Bei the Blood Moon turns to memories of Genesis and the war being waged on Arakko. Will this warrior of solitude embrace change, and companionship, in her mission forged in blood?”

X-Men Unlimited #118 is available now on Marvel Unlimited. New chapters release on the platform every Monday.

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