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WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Eternals, now playing in theaters.

Eternals has introduced a brand new collection of heroes with powers unlike anything seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. One of the factors that makes the Eternals different from the other heroes introduced in the past is the nature of their abilities. By nature, an Eternal’s powers are given to them by the Celestials through Cosmic Energy. However, this energy could also have even greater significance for the larger MCU.

In the comics, the Eternals used to share similar abilities such as flight and super strength. However, as each hero got more refined and eventually joined the MCU, these abilities became tailored to each character. For example, Ikaris can fly and shoot beams from his eyes, whereas Thena can use Cosmic Energy to create weapons out of thin air. Even though this energy is largely unexplored in the MCU, the implications of how they work, thanks to the Celestials, are limitless.

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A great example of this is when the Celestials explain how they use their cosmic abilities to create galaxies, life, the Eternals and their backup memories and bodies. Without Cosmic Energy, none of it would be possible. But there’s also a refinement in how it’s used that is beautiful in its own way. For example, whenever the Eternals use their powers, a golden hue or trim emits from their bodies. It appears alien and advanced, but, thanks to the gold, gives them archaic qualities that complement their advanced age. The gold surrounding their Cosmic Energy could also tie to the powers the Celestials tap into that are older than time itself.

Essentially, Celestials channel raw Cosmic Energy and create something easier to wield and tailor to an Eternal or other living beings, but the MCU could also explore the effects of this energy when it’s raw and unrefined. For example, in the comics, the Fantastic Four were changed following a storm of Cosmic Radiation. Essentially, their lives were changed by a previously unknown energy source in its purest form. The same could also happen to them in their upcoming film, and thanks to Eternals, audiences can see its effects when Celestials haven’t touched Cosmic Radiation.

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Though most of the Fantastic Four can turn their abilities on and off, there was still a degree of fear when their powers first appeared. In fact, their powers leaned more to the side of body horror before they got an understanding of it. The MCU could serve as an example of how Cosmic Energy reacts to someone from Earth without any Celestial input. The results would be horrifying and show just how powerful the Eternals are and why they were made to withstand and channel their cosmic abilities.

If Cosmic Energy plays a more significant role in the MCU’s future, the Fantastic Four could be the ideal cautionary tale. In comparison, it shows how strong the Celestials and Eternals are when using controlled and organized Cosmic Energy. However, it could also show why it’s so essential that the Fantastic Four remain together as a family during a time as traumatic and chaotic as when they learn to use their terrifying and extraordinary powers.

Eternals is in theaters now.

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